Transformers: War for Cybertron

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Transformer: War for Cyberton
Experience the legendary battle between the Autobots and Decepticons before their exodus to Earth in the untold story of the civil war for their home planet, Cybertron. Two distinct and intertwined campaigns chronicle the Autobots heroism in the face of total annihilation and the Decepticons unquenchable thirst for power. Play both campaigns in team-based online co-op, or go head-to-head in several online multiplayer game modes. Battle as your favorite Transformer characters in the war that spawned one of the most brutal conflicts of all time.

Become the Ultimate Weapon, Fight to the End. Experience the legendary battle between the Autobots™ and Decepticons™ before their exodus to Earth in the untold story of the civil war for their home planet, Cybertron™. Two distinct and intertwined campaigns chronicle the Autobots' heroism in the face of total annihilation and the Decepticons' unquenchable thirst for power. Play both campaigns in team-based online co-op, or go head-to-head in several online multiplayer game modes.


Transformers: War for Cybertron is a 3rd person high-action Shooter that allows you to become the ultimate weapon. Change form from Robot to Vehicle at any time and attack you enemies from any angle. Drive, fly, shoot and fight your way through two distinct campaigns alone or with up to 2 other friends in online Co-op or go head to head and wage war online with a deep multiplayer game.

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Toy Story 3 : The Video Game

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by : Disney

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  • Nintendo Wii
  • Playstation 3
  • Xbox 360
  • Nintendo DS
  • Sony PSP
  • PC

Product Features
In the Toy Story 3: The Video Game help Buzz, Woody and the rest of the Toys ensure no toy gets left behind. Dive into to all new heroic adventures in Story Mode or let your imagination run wild in the exiting new open world of Toy Box Mode! Come and play to infinity and beyond.Celebrate the joy of play in Toy Story 3: The Video Game! Fans can play as Buzz, Woody or Jessie as they run, ride

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* Item Weight: 3.2 ounces
* Media: Video Game
* Release Date: June 15, 2010

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Iron Man 2 - A Spiritual Interpretation

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Iron Man 2 - A Spiritual Interpretation

This movie is one of my favorite adult movies of 2010 because it is fast, fun, exciting and funny. It stars many talented, well-established actors including Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Shandling, Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke, Don Cheadle, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jon Favreau. It is a definite must-see.
As a sequel to the 2008 movie, Iron Man, directed by Jon Favreau, we learn that Tony Stark is the man behind the Iron Man mask. The United States Senate Commission attempts to confiscate the secret technology behind the Iron Man that Tony invented. He evades the Senate but we soon find out that not only is he being poisoned by the palladium in his arc reactor which keeps him alive, but also that there is another Russain scientist who has invented a similar suit and is bent on revenge against the Stark family.
This lens focuses on specific quotes from the movie. Each quote is interpreted and explored for its deeper, spiritual meaning. If you have already seen the movie then you will be surprised and entertained by the content in this lens. If you have not seen the movie, then after reading this lens you will have a spiritual perspective when you do! It's fun!
"The world is experiencing the longest reign of peace in its history."
Tony Stark makes this comment at his EXPO in the beginning of the movie
World peace is the dream of all who are called to higher spiritual awareness. Humankind is evolving in this direction, however, many days we listen or watch the news and are reminded of the current planetary strife. Instead of focusing on this lack, we are called to pray and envision a harmonious planet that is healed, whole and loving.
"It's not about your or us. It's about legacy, what we choose to leave behind. We will be leaving a better future."
Tony Stark to the public during the Stark EXPO
While our world currently exists with war, famine, poverty and crime, it is important to follow the path of spirituality and enlightenment. While we are able to manifest joy within our lives, we spread love to Mother Earth and its future inhabitants, our children and our subsequent family tree.
"We live in a world full of threats, some that we might not always see."
Senator Stern to the public at the Commission with Tony Stark
Negative energies exist in the physical dimension as well as the unseen realms. The spiritually sensitive person understands the importance of protecting oneself not only by healing past traumas, but also by focusing the thoughts on positive outcomes and experiences. The Universal Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, so fear draws potentially harmful situations.
There are many methods of protecting yourself from psychic attack, such as calling on protective power animals like wolf, envisioning a protective shield surrounding you, or asking for protection from your angels and spirit guides. This can be done at any time during the day and may be easier to remember first thing in the morning when you wake up.
"I have successfully privatized world peace. What more do you want?"
Tony Stark to the Senate committee
Just as our lives are ever changing, the path and job requirements of the lightworker are never ending. To be flexible and creative is to enjoy the many encounters we have in our life times because we are never done. One lifetime leads to the next and we pick up with the opportunity to learn our unlearned lessons and progress toward spiritual evolution.
"The device that is keeping you alive is also killing you."
Jarvis, the computer, to Tony Stark
As spiritual beings, we manifest into a physical dimension and a human body so that we may progress along our journey to enlightenment. While we are eternal, the body is not, and our ego is eventually faced with its end as our Eternal Being reveals itself and we travel home to the spirit dimension.
"This expo is your ego gone crazy."
Pepper Potts to Tony Stark
The person who is ruled by their ego has not yet tapped into their own, true Divine Source. Rather, that person lives within the confines of their five senses and quite possibly suffers from disease, addiction or unhappiness.
"If you can make God bleed then you can make people stop believing and the sharks will come."
Ivan Vanko to Tony Stark
This statement is an example of the ego attempting to place doubt into your mind. The ego acts like a prosecuting attorney, sitting on your shoulder and whispering lies into your ear, saying things like, "You're not lovable," or "You're an idiot," or "You're wrong." The ego clouds the mind with untruths and it is the job of faith and grace to see beyond these lies.
"I want my bird. MY bird."
Ivan Vanko to Justin Hammer when he was presented with a strange bird
Every person on this planet has a Divine Self, no matter what crimes they have committed. Everyone is capable of love and from a Divine perspective, even the mass murderer deserves to be loved. Many people who have suffered tragedies in their lives find comfort in the unconditional love provided by pets.
"You don't have to do this alone."
Colonel James Rhodes to Tony Stark
The ego wants to confuse us. It wants us to believe that we live this life -- and that is that. But the truth is that we are eternal beings, each connected to one another in a divine web of universal existence. We are not alone. Even now as you read this lens, you are surrounded by your spirit guides and angels, providing love and support to you on your journey.
"I would do whatever I want, however I want to do it."
Natalie Rushman to Tony when asked how she would spend her last birthday
When you are spiritually connected, you realize that each moment of each day is to be treasured and lived to the fullest with enthusiasm. In a sense, it is like you are living each day as if it were your last because you follow your internal guidance system with joy.
"Don't get so attached to things. Learn to let go."
Justin Hammer to Ivan Vanko
Surrender is an important spiritual tenant. It allows you to progress forward on your life's path instead of holding onto old hurt and suffering.
"What is and always will be my greatest creation is you."
Howard Stark to his son, Tony
The spiritual contract between family members is very powerful. When children are raised in a loving, accepting and supportive atmosphere the bond is strengthened and solidified over many generations to come.
"I don't like people handing me things."
Tony Stark to a roadside vendor
As Louise L. Hay explains in her book, Heal Your Body A-Z (see link below), there are mental causes for physical illness. Hands symbolize different ways of dealing with experiences, like holding, grasping, letting go, or pinching. When one has difficulty with this area they may find healing when they choose to handle life's situations with peace and love.
"That was easy."
Tony Stark to himself after creating a new element
When we follow our intuition or instinct and do what we love to do in life, it flows and feels very easy!
"You deserve better."
Tony Stark to Pepper Potts
Everyone deserves to respect and take care of themselves. Many times spiritual people want to be helpful and end up forgetting their own needs. We must remember to love and cherish ourselves first so that we may be strong and capable to give support, love and assistance to others. This includes meditation, prayer, study, relaxation, dance, music, exercise, diet, and the other special things you enjoy doing.
I am Beth Ambard, co-owner of IshvaraJewelry.com, gemstone jewelry with a spiritual message.
With a background in Physical Therapy, I am drawn to helping Mother Earth and her inhabitants with healing through energy work. I am a lightworker, which Amorilium Spiritual Dictionary describes as "those who seek the truth on their spiritual journey toward Enlightenment. They feel the urge to heal others and a deep need to resolve the world's problems."
Please join me and Ishvara Jewelry in our fun and adventurous spiritual journey when you visit our website and follow our blog.
Here is the link to the lens: http://www.squidoo.com/ishvara_jewelry_ironman2
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Robin Hood Movie Review

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This review is from: Robin Hood (DVD)

Cast aside all notions of men in tights: Ridley Scott's Robin Hood is decidedly earthier and more grown-up than most romps through Sherwood Forest. The presence of the over-40 Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett cinches the deal, lending a dose of worldliness to a project that means to be about the origins of the famous character, who in this incarnation was evidently a late bloomer. Robin Longstride (that's his name before he started wearing a hood) is just returned from a 10-year jaunt in the Crusades when he loses his king (Danny Huston as Richard the Lionheart) and his job. Back in England, Robin folds himself neatly into a Nottingham family, where a grieving widow named Marion (Blanchett) and her father-in-law (Max von Sydow) hardly care that he doesn't much resemble their own departed warrior. But the merry men and their famous sideline will have to wait: except for one bit of robbing from the rich (i.e., the greedy government of King John) and giving to the poor, this movie is more concerned with creating a portrait of the royal intrigue that went into creating Robin Hood than in detailing the high jinks of the Nottingham outlaws. And that's not a bad thing, because although Robin Hood lacks the mechanical action beats that distinguish most films of its scale, it creates an engrossing story line around its political chess playing (outlined by screenwriter Brian Helgeland and apparently a few others). Crowe is in reliable crusty-tender form and Blanchett summons up more than her sketchy character probably deserves, but the film has a large cast of chewy, fun performers: Mark Strong (Kick-Ass) does baddie duty as the treacherous pal of King John (preening Oscar Isaacs), William Hurt is stalwart and wise as a royal power broker, Eileen Atkins is a carefully considered royal mum, and Matthew Macfadyen is a Sheriff of Nottingham who's no longer central to the villainy--though no less hissable for his ineptitude (and a prime candidate at film's end for No. 1 bad guy in the sequel). In short, not a Gladiator re-do for Scott and Crowe, but a civilized tale of tyrants and rebels, staged in a pleasingly old-fashioned way. --Robert Horton

Shrek Forever After Updates (Shrek 4)

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If you have gotten this far, you should know that you can watch Shrek Forever After online updates on the official site the producers have put up. You can also watch Shrek Forever After online trailers there to see what you will get from the next and unfortunately the last Shrek movie.
Watch Shrek Forever After online information as it evolves and see when exactly the movie is said to be released. Lately, the rumor that it will only come in June to most of the world has circulated around the internet and has caused fans to worry, besides the fact that it is the last one.
If you are one of the few people that have not seen or heard about Shrek yet, you should look for the first movie and watch it with your friends. That is everything you need to know about the character and I am sure that you will love it, unless you are a murderer and you have better things to do than watch a nice comedy movie.
In this last installment of the series you will see Shrek wandering in a very different setting. This is because Shrek makes a deal with Rumpelstilskin and this one betrays him. Shrek is an alternate Far Far Away kingdom and everyone he knows has completely changed. His friends, Donkey and Puss, are completely changed and do not know Shrek. Even his wife, his One True Love, Fiona, has no memory of Shrek. I believe that this is a good scenario for a couple of good laughs and hilarious situations, similar to the ones that are present in the other three movies. I can already imagine Donkey talking to Shrek and running away from him because he is a big, bad, smelly, green ogre.
And for those of you that haven't seen the movies yet, you will love the voices. Shrek has a British accent done by Mike Meyers. Fiona is Cameron Diaz and Donkey is done by Eddie Murphy. I just love a donkey with that kind of voice acting. It is just brilliant.
So, basically you can watch Shrek Forever After in late May or early June. It will come in normal theaters, a 3D version is almost certain, and in some areas, there may also be an IMAX version. In any case, the movie should be good enough in normal definition, or how should I call it.
After three previous movie hits, Shrek will return to the big screen one last time in the movie that has been titled Shrek: forever after. You can Watch Shrek Forever-after online by clicking the link below.
Watch Shrek online
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How to Train Your Dragon, in 3D

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HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON tells a sweet story about Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), the sensitive, scrawny son of Stoick (Gerard Butler), a commanding Viking who rules a village by the sea. Hiccup, though imaginative and inventive...is a failure at all things Viking. He just doesn't have it in him to battle and destroy the dragons that constantly raid and destroy their village. As a result, the entire Viking village looks at Hiccup as a useless outcast. That is, until one of his crazy inventions actually ends up working. To his shock, Hiccup captures the impossible to see/catch/kill Night Fury dragon...whom Hiccup later names "Toothless." At first they are wary of each other...yet after Hiccup sets Toothless free from his trap, they become friends... slowly and carefully. As their friendship grows, so do their lives change...forever. Eventually Hiccup has to make a choice...either give in to the brutal, dragon-slaying mentality of the Vikings, or confront the village head on and show them how to treat and love dragons. Not helping matters is his stubborn father, as well as a determined young female warrior named Astrid (America Ferrera)...The fate of both the dragons, and the people from his village are in Hiccups hands...He must bring them together before they tear each other apart...
Written and directed by the team that previously brought us Disney's LILO & STITCH...Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON is a great story, with a lot of heart. The messages are very positive: Be true to yourself. Don't try to be something you're not. Make love, not war, etc...The relationship between Hiccup and 'Toothless" is wonderful, and feels very authentic. You end up caring about both of them very much...almost as much as they love each other. I also enjoyed the relationship between Hiccup and tough girl Astrid. The sequence where he wins her over was very well done...On the minus side, I had a hard time dealing with Jay Baruchel's pseudo Christian Slater meets Jack Nicholson-like voice. I wish he could have toned it down a bit...or made some kind of effort to make his voice sound...less irreverent, and more sincere. In terms of the film as a whole, I kept wanting it to be funnier...and more clever in its execution...as compared to the best DreamWorks and Pixar animation of the past. That said, on its own merits HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON is still quite good...and children will most certainly love it.
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