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The Karate Kid Movie 2010

A remake of a 1984 hit movie, Jackie Chan introducing Jaden Smith who happens to be the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith will take the lead in Columbia Pictures latest movie, The Karate Kid. The Karate Kid is set on China where Dre (Smith) will face the turning point in his life. Trying to find a new inspiration, Dre eventually falls for her. But then, it wasn't a smooth- sailing life for Dre. As he meets the "love of his life", Dre also meets the "nightmare of his life" as well. Dr. Han (Chan) teaches the technique of Kung Fu to this young boy. Dr. Han became Dre's refuge and his confidant.

Unlike the original, this Karate Kid was shot in China. The story of the new Karate Kid is slightly changed from the original. In the 2010 Karate Kid, Dre Parker and his mother move to China, when she gets a new job after losing faith in Detroit's failing economy. Dre is immediately targeted by a tough gang of kung-fu kids led by a strong fighter named Cheng.
Luckily for Dre, not that all of China is bad. There is Mei Ying, the pretty aspiring violinist who befriends Dre early on. The gang seems to come on even harder whenever they spot Dre and Mei Ying hanging out.

The Karate Kid 2010 Movie Karate Costume Child Small
The bullies chase Dre home and surround him. Dre asks Mr. Han to teach him kung fu, but Mr. Han isn't looking for a student. Instead, Mr. Han takes Dre to the kung fu academy where Cheng and the other bullies train so they can make peace. Mr. Han promises to teach Dre the ways of kung fu and their training begins.

"Being still and doing nothing are two very different things." ~Kung Fu master speaking to student. There's a powerful message in Karate Kid that's not only for children, it's for anyone who has ever felt powerless in dealing with their own lives or in managing the inordinate challenges that are facing the world today.

There are solutions. They're simple and they're powerful - which is exactly what every kid wants - to not feel afraid anymore. Just look at what they have to deal with every day. Bullying, which has become an epidemic, can lead to depression, drug addiction and even suicide, and that's just one of many hurdles they have to cross while growing up...

This new version of a well-loved film has a good chance to once again win the hearts of people around the world, as it shows us how our 'differences' can be overcome when people speak and act from the heart with an aim at ultimately peaceful solutions.

The Karate Kid (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) (2010)
Directed by Harald Zwart, witness this new fun- filled movie for the whole family and enjoy the astonishing sceneries in China especially one of the Wonder's of the World- Great Wall of China. The Karate Kid is a definite must-see movie... 


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